Nitin Agrawal
Managing Director

Dear Friends,

I was originally aspired to become a commercial pilot after graduating as an engineer. Grape exports was purely by accident, which I do not regret at all today. During a visit to London in 1991 I was introduced to an English importer who was looking to import Indian grapes. I just took this idea home and the rest is history.

My journey towards my passion began when I started working in a fresh produce packhouse in Europe and learnt the finer nuances of post-harvest in UC Davis, California.

There is undying passion in me for this business. I love our interaction with the people in this small fresh produce global village. Race, religion, colour or location may vary, but beneath this all people in fresh produce are the same. The fresh produce business is not for the faint of heart. There is much risk and uncertainty, but then this is what makes it interesting. I believe that fortune favours the bold.

Being a disciplined and organised character, I always have a detailed to-do-list. I am always restless and keen on exploring newer ideas to keep Euro Fruits at the forefront.

Pre-dominantly a family-oriented man, my two daughters and wife have been my pillars of strength and support throughout my journey of over 27 years. Cooking and a glass of chilled beer are my go-to stress busters.

I have always looked up to my father for advice and inspiration. He taught me this golden rule of business.

The first 20 – 35 years of your life is when you learn, during the next 35 – 50 years you earn and once you cross the age of 50, you must return. I took to his learning early and was able to return to society at an early age in the space of rural primary health and primary education.

Reflecting on the years gone by, I can only feel a great sense of satisfaction that Euro Fruits has earned such great recognition and reputation.