Our supplier farms our the biggest source of strength for Euro Fruits. With over nearly 3 decades of association we are now interacting with the second generation of growers families who are highly progressive and tech savvy.

Euro Fruits introduced the concept of taste profile and eating quality of grapes as the most paramount quality parameter to our suppliers. We arranged direct one to on interaction between our grower farmers and European buyers to address this critical issue.

Over the past 10 years the growers are now focusing on this and that is reflected in the quality of grapes offered by us.

Recently we have taken the initiative of supporting our growers with technical inputs from internationally acclaimed vineyard consultants. We expect significant returns and rewards in this context in terms of productivity, efficiency, cost and grower margins.

In 2016, few select Growers successfully completed Ethical Trading Initiative- SEDEX audits. Ten of our Growers were the first-ever Indian Growers to be on SEDEX platform with compliant audit results.

The trust-based relationship that we have with our growers has helped us implement the self harvest practice, wherein the growers harvest the crop on selective basis as per pre-agreed quality parameters.