First ever export of Table Grapes to the UK markets from India by GM Exports, parent company of Euro Fruits.
Set up of state-of-the-art packhouse infrastructure at Nasik supported by United States Agency for International Development (USAID), first of its kind in India.
Formal training in postharvest management technology for Euro Fruits top management at University of California, Davis USA.

Euro Fruits diversified the sourcing base to Sangli region.
Euro Fruits receives the first award and recognition from APEDA, Government of India.
Expansion of Sangli sourcing region with personal presence and commitment by Nitin Agrawal.
Benchmarking visits to global grapes packhouses in South Africa, Chile, Australia for best practices study.
Highest credit rating in Indian Table Grape industry with responsible financial management and pre-payment of all financial obligations.
Participation and presentation by Euro Fruits at first-ever Asia Fruit Congress at Singapore.

First 10*500g Punnet Pack-out by Euro Fruits.
European trade press acknowledges Euro Fruits as “Rolls Royce” of Indian Table Grape industry.

Euro Fruits forms a new long term relationship with newly set up Timerfruit born in 2000.
Euro Fruits organized Grower team visit to South Africa for benchmarking vineyard management practices.
First Indian Exporter to start packing in European retailers private labels.
First India based EurepGAP certified Farmer Group.

Active participation by Euro Fruits in APEDA Residues Monitoring Plan Compilation.
First India based EurepGAP certified Farmer Group.

Active participation by Euro Fruits in APEDA Residues Monitoring Plan Compilation.
Set up of Euro Fruits new Corporate office in Mumbai.
Set up of India’s most advanced state-of-the–art packhouse at Sangli.

Formation of core growers team for top-of-the-line quality produce with relevant compliances dedicated for specific European clients.

Initiation of FairTrade Standards Study and Price/Premium Setting Process.
Formal recognition and award for Euro Stars.

First-ever European market exposure tour of Euro Stars.

Set up of primary English medium school as CSR project.
Renovation and revamp of Nasik packhouse.

Encouragement to women famers in the supply chain with preferential treatment.
First Indian exporter to be compliant with Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) Code of Conduct.

CSR Initiative in primary health with support to Nasik Primary Health Centre and differently abled children day school.
Development of in-house software system for GlobalGAP records with focus on field applications records monitoring.
Launch of “Euro Fruits Responsible Grapes” commitment offering package of Quality, Traceability, Due Diligence Documentation, Ethical Compliance, Environmental Accreditation and Sustainability Practices.

Only Indian exporter to respect and fulfill all our financial obligations and commitments to farmers despite serious CCC setback.
First Indian grape exporter achieving FairTrade certification.

Encouraging sport, culture and physical fitness in sourcing villages with tournaments and promotions Eat- Move-Sleep
Focus on Women Empowerment with introduction to UN Women Gender Equity Seal standard and Responsible Water Management with reference to European Water Stewardship Standard.
First and India’s only Marks and Spencer Field to Fork Standard certified Grape Packhouse.
Friday the 13th March 2015 - Horror day for Indian grape industry with major hailstorm calamity. Major Financial Inclusion initiative to support farmers.
First Indian exporter to work on Linking Environment and Farming (LEAF UK) standard for compliance at supply farms.
US Government Department of Agriculture (USDA) officials visited our Pack House for market access evaluation
Introduced Social Security Health Insurance Scheme for all our Pack House workers making us first in the Grape Industry to do so
China Fruit Marketing Association- Trade Delegation initiated by APEDA Visited our Pack House